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Are you looking for Driving Lessons Port Talbot? Then look no further!

I’ve got an incredible success rate and am committed to helping pupils pass their Theory Test and their Practical Test without taking an unnecessary number of lessons. Although I do feel its important for pupils to have adequate experience on the road and sometimes this can take time.

Learning to drive can be difficult at times and takes a great deal of commitment, I believe in adapting my style, the length and frequency of lessons to suit the individual. Often these factors change as the pupil matures as a driver, and I have learned that each pupil is unique so there can be no set plan or timescales.

How many lessons will I need to pass my test? The official answer from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) is 45 with an instructor plus private practice with a relative however there really is no set answer. We are all individuals and as such different people take to things better than others. In my experience I would say you can expect to have around 30-45 hours of lessons but it can be less and can be more. What everyone has in common is how overwhelming they find the first few lesson’s. There’s so much to remember, which is why I allow pupils to take their time and learn at their own pace, equally I will push pupils from their comfort zone if their ability and confidence permits. Driving Lessons Port Talbot, I am a Driving Standards Agency (ADI) Approved Driving Instructor with over 20 years Training and Professional driving experience. I offer Driving Lessons in Port Talbot. My main aim is to get pupils to enjoy my driving lessons whilst ensuring that they progress through the  driving lessons to be at test standard as soon as possible.

In 2016 a pupil passed every 6 days after taking Driving Lessons Port Talbot with GowithGer Driving School!

Don’t just think about taking driving lessons, GowithGer!

√ 7/10 Pupils Pass First Time

√ Over 200 Test Passes

√ Free Theory Test Apps/Software and Support

√ Modern Teaching Practices using Ipad Technology

√ High Customer Feedback Ratings

√ Discounts for Block Bookings

√ Fully Qualified, Approved and Insured

√ DBS/Police Checked

√ Dual Controlled Car with Air Conditioning

√ Collection and/or Drop off at College or School

√ Professional, Friendly and Fun

√ 1 on 1 Tuition, absolutely no shared lessons

√ Flexible Hours to suit all

√ Non Smoking Instructor

√ Mock Tests as part of standard lessons (no additional charges)

√ Pass Plus Cymru Registered