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GowithGer is one of the few instructors in the region that offer support for pupils with their theory test and to help them to pass it on their first attempt. To help with this I have subscribed to Theory Test Pro, an online application for my Pupils to use on their Tablet, Phone or PC with no need to install software or use CD’s.

Follow the link below or click the banner below and enter your details (you will not be required to give any payment details!), once you have done this you will be given basic access to sample the product which will allow you to take up to 3 Hazard Perception Tests and a full Theory Test. I will then get in touch with you and give you full access to the entire database which will give you all the tools you need to practice for your theory test.

I regularly review my Pupils progress and help them with the topics they have difficulty with to help them to book and pass the theory test. This service is available FREE to all pupils so when your choosing a driving instructor GowithGer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theory Test Pro in partnership with GowithGer Driving School